How to Choose Your Summer Wedding Dress (with inspiration!)

If you are planning a summer wedding, you might be wondering how to find a comfortable and stylish option for your wedding dress. Planning a wedding in the summer most likely means you will be spending the majority of your day outdoors. During the warmer months, there are a few tips to keep in mind when choosing your wedding day style. Today, we are sharing our advice for choosing your summer wedding dress along with some inspiration to help you find the style that is best for you. Let’s dive in!

Research the Weather

While you may be planning your wedding years in advance, you can still research the typical weather in the location of your choice. Look at the weather on previous years around the week you are planning your wedding. We also encourage you to ask around! Chat with your venue manager, florist, wedding planner, and other vendors. They will be honest with you and let you know what to expect. Once you have an idea of what the weather will be like for your special day, you will be able to choose dress styles that fit the season and location.

Keep Your Venue in Mind

Think about your specific wedding venue! Is your wedding fully outdoors? Maybe you are at the beach or on top of a mountain! Understanding the different elements at your wedding venue can change your dress style dramatically. If you will be walking down the aisle on sand for example, you probably won’t want to choose a dramatic ball gown. But, if your wedding will be on a wooden patio and then transition to an indoor reception, you will have much more options to choose from. Tip from a wedding planner: if it is within your budget, don’t be afraid to change your wedding look throughout the day. Sometimes, our clients find themselves torn between two different dresses or styles. Wearing one for the ceremony and another for the reception can be so fun!

Long Sleeves

Now, let’s move on to some wedding dress inspiration. Yes, you can wear long sleeves in the summer! There are wedding dresses with delicate lace sleeves that are light and breathable even in the summer months. For this option, your might choose a romantic updo to help ensure that you remain comfortable all day.

Boho Modern

If you are planning an intimate wedding or elopement, you might love the boho modern wedding dress look! Choose a creative style with out-of-the-box details. You might choose to accessorize with a cute headband and splurge on some lush, seasonal florals for your bouquet. If you will be exploring an outdoor venue for photography, select a style without a long train.

Halter Neckline

This style achieves the look of a strapless gown with a bit of extra support. Remember, you want to feel confident and comfortable on your wedding day. A halter necklace with thin straps is so stunning for the summer months. This style can be dressed up or down with different fabric choices, hair and makeup, and accessories! Whether you are planning a backyard or luxury wedding, this style is so versatile.

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