6 Unique Wedding Accessories For Brides

If you are like us, you love the details! From planning intricate tablescapes to putting together outfits, we understand the importance of those final additions. For your wedding day look, accessories often make your style truly shine! We have all seen it. Once a bride puts on the veil there are tears of joy all around.

There is something so special about completing your outfit for wedding day. If you are looking for some out-of-the-box, unique wedding accessories, we have you covered! Keep reading to check out 6 of our favorite accessories for every bride.

Dainty Necklaces

For the minimalistic style, this is a great option! Wear a simple dainty necklace on its own or layer a few pieces together. Choose a metallic color that matches your rings. Even if you are going full glam, you might want to let your dress shine. These necklaces will compliment your wedding look without stealing the show. Plus, you can wear these after the wedding as reminders of your special day.

Sparkly Headpiece

Want to feel like a real life princess? Choose what we call a modern tiara! Headpieces are a wedding accessory gaining popularity- and for a good reason. They are available in a wide variety of different options and are easy to transition from the ceremony to the reception. You can wear these with or without a veil as well. Select a sparkly headpiece for an ultra feminine look!

Leather Jacket

We haven’t forgotten about the edgy brides! Throwing on a leather jacket over your wedding dress is so cool. Maybe you even swap out a wedding dress for an alternative jumpsuit! This accessory definitely for the non-traditional preference. You might order a custom jacket with writing just for your wedding. We love this ‘Til Death jacket! Feel free to even explore different colors to go with your unique style.

Dramatic Veil

The classic veil is a tried and true wedding accessory for a reason! This never goes out of style with the endless varieties available. Our favorite way to add a bit of drama to your wedding look is with a veil. Choose a cathedral length option and get creative with texture! Test our different options with your dress with rhinestones, lace, or shimmer. Be sure to keep your veil on for photography and then you will want to store it away for the dance floor!

Long Stem Bouquet

For your bouquet, ask your florist about long stem options! This is such a unique and classy accessory. Especially for those that love the look of one type of flower such a roses, keeping the long stem will elevate your bouquet. You will look polished while while still featuring a bit of the organic nature of the florals.

Cool Hat

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, adding a hat to your wedding look will keep you cool and stylish. Add this on after the ceremony to change up your look. Whether you are a boho or edgy bride, there is a hat for your style!

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