What to Look For When Booking Your Wedding Vendors

Ready to start building your dream wedding team? We are sharing what to look for when booking your wedding vendors today!

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Excellent Communication

Is it easy to get in touch with your wedding vendor from the start (even before booking)? Reliable wedding vendors will respond within 48 hours to your emails or calls. If they are unable to do so during a certain period, they will clearly state this to you beforehand or through an email responder. Be sure to monitor the self-made deadlines they set as well. If they say they will send a proposal or layout by a certain time, for example, make sure this actually happens. The best wedding vendors will make communication a breeze.

Detailed Contracts

With every vendor, make sure you receive detailed contracts! Have your wedding planner look over each contract to make sure all bases are covered. Everything from the payment schedule, assurance of services, to rescheduling and cancellation terms need to be clearly written. A vendor without a strong contract is a red flag. 

They Are Insured

Every wedding vendor is running a small business and therefore, must be insured. Directly ask for proof of insurance before booking. Reliable wedding vendors will provide this within your contract without you asking! If something unexpected happens in relation to that vendor, this is a guarantee that the financial burden and responsibility will not fall on you.

Positive Reviews

Great vendors will have positive reviews to follow. Look beyond their website. Go to Google, Wedding Wire, The Knot, and even Facebook. Take into consideration any criticism written in reviews along with the pros. Having real-life endorsements from past couples is super encouraging!

Good References

If you were referred from another couple or another vendor, this is a good sign! For gathering recommended vendors, start by asking your venue for their preferred list. When you book your wedding planner, they will also be able to refer you to their favorite options. This displays their ability to successfully work a wedding.

Fair Pricing

Make sure the pricing is fair to your budget. If the pricing seems too good to be true, it probably is. An extremely steep price can be unreliable as well. Your vendor team is an investment in a smooth wedding day. Make sure these prices are outlined to an extent in your contracts. For example, the vendor should list their services and needs for accommodations or a day of assistance so you can see what you are investing in.  

They Have Strong Portfolio

Look on vendor websites and their social media for examples from their past events. You want to hire vendors with plenty of real wedding experience. Make sure the images you are seeing are not only from photoshoots or stock photography. It can be helpful to reference pieces from their portfolio later on when planning your big day!

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Your Values Align

This is a major aspect to look for when booking your wedding vendors that is often overlooked. Make sure your values align. Your vendors need to make their beliefs clear. They should also display the way they are making efforts toward those values and beliefs. When you look at their social media, do you see diversity for example? 

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In addition, you will want to make sure the people you are working with are personalities you actually get along with! This is the team you will closely communicate with for possibly over a year. Then, they will be there on your wedding day. If you can’t clearly determine their values but are leaning towards booking, ask them! Quality vendors will appreciate it.

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