A Guide to Planning a Wedding Around the Holidays

Today we are sharing our guide to planning a wedding around the holidays. Grab some coffee and keep reading!

Winter wedding around the holidays at Lake Tahoe

Your Guest Count Could Drop

Be mindful that around the holiday season, many of your guests will have plans already set. They might be utilizing their work vacation time for the week of specific holidays already. This could mean that your expected guest count could drop. For your closest friends and family, you might choose to discuss their schedules before setting a date. You and your future spouse could include a virtual option for guests that can’t make it to still tune in to the ceremony!

Research Local Events

Be sure to look up what will be going on around the location of your wedding near your date. You will be able to account for traffic and work with your wedding planner to create a realistic timeline. This will also help if you planned on adventuring offsite to capture bride and groom photos. If you are meeting up with any of your guests before the wedding, you might want to participate in some of these festive events together.

Book Your Vendors Early

The fall season is the busiest time of your for wedding pros. This means they will often take fewer events closer to the holidays. They need the extra time to recharge and prepare for next year’s events. Be sure to book with your dream vendors early on in the planning process so you can grab one of their available dates. Allot room in your budget for your vendors’ costs. Closer to the holidays, many vendors will require a higher fee. 

Winter wedding ceremony around holidays

Add Seasonal Elements

Winter Decor

Have fun with your decor! You can incorporate notes from the holidays without overwhelming your wedding design. Choose a seasonal color palette of natural elements from the winter months. Browse on Pinterest for some inspiration!

Holiday Inspired Menu

Do you love warm drinks, holiday meals, and pie? Create your wedding menu based on these food items! This is a great way to add in elements from the time of year that everyone will enjoy. 

Guest Favors

Send your guests home with favors specific to the season. These could be reusable mugs, blankets, or even mini Christmas trees! What a great way to thank them for celebrating with you.

Choose Your Date Wisely

You probably already know to be mindful of how you choose your wedding date. We would recommend setting your date at least a few weeks before any major holidays. You will want the time to be with your loved ones rather than worrying about last-minute wedding details. As we talked about earlier, this could allow more people on your guest list to attend.

Make it a Multi-Day Event!

Make the most of the time you are spending with your guests. Make your wedding a multi-day event. Plan some fun activities at your wedding location. This is a great option, especially for destination weddings. 

You could also plan your honeymoon at your wedding location! If you have traveled for your wedding day and love the area, this is an option many couples choose to do. This can be so romantic around the holidays.

Wedding toast for destination winter wedding

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