7 Creative Wedding Send-Off Ideas (no sparklers)

Do you have the majority of your wedding planned? Don’t forget about every final detail! Today we are sharing 7 creative wedding send-off ideas that DO NOT include sparklers.

Before Choosing Your Send-Off


Just like any portion of your wedding, there are some logistics to consider. Before you choose your send-off, speak with your venue. They might have certain requirements for a send-off. Often sparklers are not permitted due to local laws and clean-up needs. However, this doesn’t mean that any other option is automatically accepted. Send your venue your ideas from this list for feedback. You could also ask your wedding planner to speak with them and review your contract regarding this topic.


Another point to consider before choosing your send-off is your design. Will you be displaying the supplies needed for this last wedding activity? Choose a send-off that matches your style and wedding aesthetic.


This is another added cost for your wedding day. Do you want to invest in a grand send-off? Or do you want to find items for this portion of the day that are cost-effective? Each option on this list won’t break the bank but there are different levels of investment! Now, let’s take a look at the ideas.

Glow Sticks

If you love the look of sparklers and want something that provides a similar look, glow sticks are a great option. They show up even when there is no sunlight and your guests will have so much fun. You can choose different colors or stick with one tone, making them super versatile. Pass them out to your guests on the dance floor and then they can bring them along for the send-off. Glow sticks are perfect for those who want a party!

Planning: @yourinspiredevent
Venue: @thewoodlandsvisalia
Photography: @elliekoleen
Florals: @katofkbflowers

Ribbon Wands

Looking for something a bit whimsical? Check out ribbon wands! Your guests can take them home as favors to remember the day as well. You can choose so many different colors, patterns, and textures. Ribbon wants are great if you will be capturing send-off photos when there is still some sun left in the day. If you will be featuring these at night, choose brighter colors and reflective metallic tones.


Fresh floral petals are a classic decor aspect for weddings! Make them a part of your send-off. They are wonderful for couples looking for extra romance and that fairytale wedding style. Speak with your florist about which options are best for this.

Dried Lavender

Planning a sustainable wedding? Dried lavender is such a unique send-off that is earth-friendly. Plus, this adds a scented element that will offer a positive memory when you smell lavender even after the wedding.


Say hello to another sustainable option that the birds will love! It can provide the look of the traditional rice send-off. If you will be in an open field or grassy area, this might be an idea to consider.


Planning a spring or summer wedding? Bubbles are incredibly fun for the warmer months! If kids will be attending your wedding, this is a great entertainment option for them as well. Speak with your photographer about the lighting they would need for this. You can order customized bottles with aspects of your wedding design.


If you want a send-off that makes a big statement, check out streamers! There are popping streamers that offer a dynamic look for photos. Your and your guests will love them!

On this blog, we talked about how important it is to speak with your venue. Need some more clarification on your venue team’s role vs your wedding planner? Click here to find out!

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