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I can’t even begin to properly thank you for your assistance this year helping us to plan our wedding weekend. You all are absolute magic and we area so very grateful for you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 

You all are absolute magic and we area so very grateful for you. 

Kathryn and Ryan

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Have questions? Who better to answer them than a professional event planner along with input from past brides who were once sitting right 

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Hey girl, we hear you. Quite often I think of myself as super woman who can do it all, until I realize I can’t or at least not while keeping up with the rest of life. With your engagement comes so many fun gatherings; engagement parties, bridal showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties and more. Working with a planner allows you the time and space to plan the wedding you have always wanted while also living up your engagement.

Do I really need a wedding planner? I have planned events before. What can they do that I can’t?

Once I really saw just how much time and effort went into planning our wedding I was incredibly grateful to have Tiffanie on our team. The YIE team worked flawlessly to keep all of the decisions we made in order and brought it all together on our wedding day. Allowing us to be in the moment enjoying it all with our family and friends, that's priceless.

Of course, we truly believe in a team mentality and we couldn't be more thrilled to be on your team. We are here to make suggestions based on our experience but the choices you make are ultimately up to you. We will always be your partner in planning.

I want to be really involved in planning my wedding. Can I hire a wedding planner and get the wedding I have been dreaming of? 

Tiffanie helped to guide us through the logistics and overwhelm of bringing our entire families together while including us in every aspect of planning. We got to be apart of all of the fun decisions leading up to the wedding and then relax knowing that she was going to bring it all together on our big day. Tiffanie’s creative ideas actually helped us to design a wedding that really showed off our personalities.

Don't worry we’ve got you covered. At our first official meeting, we will walk you through our tried and true event planning process. We will show you our online planning portal and even give you access so that you can retrieve information at anytime. Within our process, we even give you two months “off” of wedding planning so that you can relax with you fiance knowing everything is on track while you go on a date or take your engagement pics etc.

I don't know what to expect when working with a wedding planner.

Once we met with Tiffanie she explained her step by step process and how we would get through it all together. We shared some stories and laughs and left that first meeting feeling at ease and taken care of. We knew for sure that we had made a friend who we were going to love working with.

I am happy that you are aware of this concern, and we can take care of it for you right here. We work tirelessly on wedding weekend to ensure every family member is engaged in the most important day of your life. We will make sure your mom is right next to you during your wedding morning, with a mimosa in hand, while you both get your hair done. Leave all the heavy lifting to us. 

I am nervous that my mom will end up spending the entire wedding weekend doing stuff for the wedding and not getting to enjoy the experience with me. 

We had a destination wedding and from the moment we arrived at the hotel we felt totally relaxed knowing that Tiffanie had it all under control. We felt catered to, as did our families and bridal party. It would not have been the same without Tiffanie there! Oh and my mom didn't have to lift a finger.

I’m going to let the brides speak for themselves on this one!


I will say at the end of the night, as we hug our couples goodbye, we most often hear them say, “how would we ever have done all this without you”? 

How do I know if investing in a wedding planner for my wedding will be worth it? 

Having a wedding planner was hands down the best investment we made. We immediately felt like Tiffanie was a friend, the type of friend you want to have with you while working through the happy and challenging times. She shared best practices with us and reminded us that it would all turn out perfectly, which it did!!! This is an investment we would make again and again and we highly recommend it to every future bride we know.