Wedding Planner vs. Venue Coordinator (explained!)

What is the difference between a wedding planner and a venue coordinator? Do you need both? We can tell you right now that you do! Let’s go over the difference between both wedding planners and how they work together.

Wedding Planner

To begin with, I believe it is important to know exactly what each professional does. Let’s go over the wedding planner’s job first! Your wedding planner is there with you from the beginning to plan your ideal event. Here are just a few of the tasks your wedding planner will handle:

  • Vendor Organization & Communication: They will source and communicate with your vendors.
  • Budget Management: Your wedding planner will maintain and manage your budget for you. There are a lot of moving pieces to keep track of!
  • Design: You might have an idea of what you like with a Pinterest board as inspiration but, your wedding planner will bring this design to life.
  • Timeline Creation & Management: A timeline will be created detailing the programming of the day and your wedding planner will ensure the timeline is followed on the day of.
  • Day of Coordination: Of course, your wedding planner will be there for you on your wedding day! They will take care of set up, run the timeline, assist vendors, and manage any behind the scenes hurdles.

This is only an overview as to what your wedding planner does for your big day! Your wedding planner is the point person for your entire event. They are there to advocate for you and your needs. The services performed also depend on which package you choose with your planner.

Venue Coordinator

What does the venue coordinator do? Their job is quite different than the wedding planner. However, just as your wedding planner is there to advocate for you, the venue coordinator is there to advocate for the venue. You might meet your venue coordinator when you tour the venue or sign your contract. They will answer any questions you have about the venue and can even provide preferred vendor recommendations that have worked at the venue before. On the day of your wedding, they might be there to manage the venue. They will manage parking, unlock the venue, ensure the venue is clean, and more!

How do they work together?

The wedding planner and venue coordinator work closely together. Your wedding planner will run any venue questions or run them by the venue coordinator. Both of these professionals need to work together for a seamless event. They will be in contact throughout the planning process! Here are some areas they will work alongside each other:

  • Rentals: Your wedding planner will ask if any rentals are provided by the venue first. Also, they will be sure to communicate with the venue coordinator about the rentals you are planning to use. This is important as many venues will need to know where and when items will be delivered. They might even have restrictions for large rentals like tents.
  • Timeline: The venue coordinator will know about any noise ordinances or time restrictions in the area. Your wedding planner will work with them to create accurate start and end times for your day. The venue coordinator will also need to know when all vendors are arriving for instances like onsite parking.
  • Supplies: Need a generator or speaker? Ask your venue coordinator first if the venue offers these! They might be an extra fee but this will be worth it. You and your wedding planner will know these supplies work with the venue and they will be ready onsite cutting delivery/pickup costs.
  • Vendors: Sometimes, a venue will require that some preffered vendors are used. Your wedding planner will ask about this in advance. For example, your venue might require their onsite bartender. This saves you the time and money of booking then canceling an outside bartender.

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